Dia pulls out some kinky toys
Added 151 photos of big titted SSBBW Dia to the member's area.  This set of photos was the very first taken after almost two years of Dia staying clear of the camera.  Dianne hadn't taken photos in a while, but she was not out of practice in the least!  Dianne grabs some props out of her fetish box and after starting out with a few smoking photos, she quickly moves forward to putting on a collar and a leash.  Candy Godiva appears in a few of the photos, and a very lucky photographer is even given the opportunity to get in front of the camera for a few sexy oral photos too.  When Dia goes back to her box for some more solo photos, she pulls out some freaky nail extentions and she nearly scratches her massive breast as she lets the extentions dig deep into her tit flesh.  After putting those away, Dia gets out a leather top and zips it up just about as far as it will go over her FF cup breasts, and pretty soon she is encouraged to take that thing back off so those massive sexy breasts can be pulled back out.  Towards the end of this set of photos, Dia even pulls out her ball gag and lays back on the couch for a few more photos.  There are black and white photos, and even a few sepia because somebody just had to experiment with camera settings.  The photos have not been resized, just watermarked and a few of them cropped a little.
FF cup SSBBW Dia smokes
kinky SSBBW Dia kneels before her lucky lover to service him
SSBBW Dia dominated by SSBBW Candy Godiva
ssbbw Dia kneels before SSBBW Candy Godiva

SSBBW Dia reveals pendulous FF cup breasts
busty FF cup SSBBW Dia side view of massive breasts in black and white
SSBBW Dia topless huge breasts grabbing big round belly
kinky FF cup SSBBW Dia lays back wearing ball gag

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