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Added 85 photos of sexy Web Goddess to the member's area.  This set was found as I was going through all the photos that were never used for this site.  This update is created out of a serious sense of urgency, because I had failed to create an update for the entire month of april!  Not only did I fail here, but I failed over at lots2luv too.  It was way beyond the time to create an update, and when I found these photos I had to ask myself how the fuck I neglected to add these already.  I have been adding photos lately because I was hunting down all of the photos that were taken previously that had never been used, and in doing so, I have found this set that features some photos that I took when I lived in Vegas.  I am trying to go back to Vegas now, so for all I know there will eventually be some new models that finally grace the pages of hotbbws!  I hope to hook up with some of the past models from Vegas, and I hope to find a few new models that have never thought of taking pics, or never happened to meet the crazy guy that would sacrifice the opportunity to "get laid" for the sake of bringing the internets some hot sexy new pics of a fat or super fat woman who has never taken photos before.  Web Goddess has taken plenty of photos, her website is featured in my links section because I signed up as an affiliate to her website through ccbill.  I have to think back and realize that I knew I would not have much opportunity living where I happen to live now, but if I move back over to the west I guarantee that there will be some hot sexy new faces here sooner than even I would expect.  I must offer up my apologies for not updating in the entire month of April, and say that I am going to work harder to bring even more new content to this site in this coming month.  I am going to be planning a move, but at least I have already gotten some of the heavy lifting out of the way, throwing away all kinds of crap that I don't want to haul 2000 miles again like I did the last time.  The last time I moved west there was a pretty severe hurricane season for my native state, and I will hope that isn't the case this year, but I feel compelled to get the hell out of here just in case.  My thoughts are with residents of Alabama, a neighboring deep southern state, who I was previous pissed at because they added $25 a month to state employees health insurance if they were considered "obese".  I hope to get some brand new obese faces and bodies on this site soon, and that is part of why I must move yet again.  I was a little bit loaded for the update, but there are no mistakes, every single sexy photo is featured at it's original size as it came out of the camera at the time of the photo shoot.  This shoot took place in Vegas, and while there is no excuse for laziness, I will not let another month pass before doing an update to this site!  Fuck the typing, here are the photos, I am going to spend this month making up for last month and I will have plenty of time to do so because I already spent the month of April preparing for a move that has not taken place yet!  By the way, check out obesiverse where I have unfortunately been rambling too much instead of working on these photos!
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