Sexy mature Nina in 2 photo sets
Added two different photo sets of sexy mature Nina to member's area.  The first set is 121 photos taken during Nina's very first photo shoot but skipped over at the time the original first photo shoot was added.  In this set, Nina starts out in a sexy black tank top and she takes on several poses and makes the most sultry and sensual facial expressions while she takes off the tank top to reveal a black bra that matches her silky black panties.  Towards the end of this first set Nina stops to take a break and smoke a cigarette, which is a wonderful opportunity to create some sexy mature bbw smoking photos!  In the second set, there are 76 images in part one of a two part set.  Nina starts out fully clothed, wearing so much that one can hardly see any of her sexy soft supple skin at all!  When Nina takes off that sweater though, she reveals a sexy white silky bra and then when her jeans come off she shows off her matching silky white panties.  This woman knows how to tease, and when the bra comes off she knows just how much her large erect nipples will turn on her lover and photographer.  If that wasn't enough, Nina pulls up hard on her white panties so that her lover can see the sides of her shaved snatch and she pulls hard enough to create a camel toe in her white panties.  When her lover thinks that he can't wait any longer to be inside of her, Nina pulls her sexy panties to the side to reveal some glistening already wet lips.  Nina slows down the action when she stops her lover for a moment to light up yet another cigarette.  Nina's lover can hardly contain himself, but he doesn't have a choice because he wants to take some sexy mature bbw smoking pics again, on this much more recent occasion.  The first set of photos was from 2003 and the second set is from 2006 so the viewer can get a good idea of how much softer and plumper Nina is in the second set.  As Nina got more comfortable with her sexy body and realized how much she turns her lucky lover on, she wasn't as worried if she took on a few extra pounds because she knows that just makes her soft sexy round thighs even more dimpled and creased.  So sexy!  197 total photos updated in Nina's member's area.

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