Mature big breasted Dia does some object insertion and then plays with neon light sticks
Added 46 photos of sexy round big breasted Dia to the member's area, doing some object insertion photos and then playing with some computer case neon light sticks!  Dia loves to flirt and tease with the camera, the cameraman, and of course her lover!  In this set of 46 images, Dia starts out where the last Dia set left off.  Dia is laying back on the bed and there are several brightly colored clothespins on her hot sexy pussy lips.  Dia even uses the clothespins to spread those lips wide open to reveal a bright pink colored pussy!  After Dia is finished making her cameraman hard by taking on those poses, she tells her lover to pull out an old serial port mouse (microsoft, how appropriate), a hammer, and a pizza cutter.  In that order, Dia has her lover shoving things as deep into her hot wet snatch as they will go, and Dia even pushes each item out with her strong yet sensually soft pussy muscles.  The pizza cutter handle was kind of small, but Dia is so wet and she can squeeze so hard that she even manages to push that little thing right out like it wasn't even there to begin with.  The neon light sticks are a little more creative, as Dia takes on a few poses where the lights in the room go out, but the neon light sticks provide the only illumination.  Dia puts them between her huge FF cup breasts, and then at one point Dia even uses them to spread her sexy pussy open as much as they will.  They are made of smooth plastic so they don't have very much of a grip, but one can still see how she is able to open up her pussy just enough so that you can really see that sexy wet hole!  After the lights come back on, Dia uses the light sticks as a fake cock, putting them between her sexy round breasts, and at some point she even wraps her lips around them while they stick up from between those huge breasts.  There are more photos of sexy Dia to come, and because there are only 46 images in this set, there will be another update coming much sooner than the updates have been coming lately!  Thanks for your patience, there will be more to cum for sure!

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