Mature big breasted Phoebe gets plastic wrapped and gets in a wet t-shirt
Added 71 photos of sexy round big breasted Phoebe to the member's area.  In this set of photos, Phoebe starts out getting wrapped up tight in clear plastic wrap.  That wrap is tight, and it binds her sexy big breasts and big round belly so tightly that she can barely bend over to show off her sexy ass!  The plastic wrap is so very tight that Phoebe's big breasts are squashed down, and her big sexy belly looks almost square as the wrap holds her tight around every curve and crease of her sexy body.  After just a few minutes in the plastic wrap, Phoebe is getting hot, and there is condensation building up on the inside of the wrap in the very few places where Phoebe's sexy flesh isn't pressed up tight against it.  Phoebe starts to complain about how hot it is, and how uncomfortable it is for her to be wrapped up so tightly, so there are several photos that show Phoebe ripping out of the tight confines of this clear plastic containment.  Phoebe doesn't need plastic wrap to stay fresh! lol  After Phoebe decides to rip off the plastic wrap, it's time for her to put on something almost as tight, but with much more give to it!  A white t-shirt that is way too tight for Phoebe's sexy round belly and huge breasts.  It's already easy to see Phoebe's big sexy nipples right through the shirt, but when she picks up a water bottle and begins to pour water across the front of her big DDD breasts and big sexy round belly, the wet t-shirt gives up every succulent detail beneath!  Phoebe's big sexy nipples are made even more obvious by the way the water makes the white shirt almost transparent.  Phoebe starts to play with her big round breasts, amused by the way that the shirt is so very tight that her titties aren't going anywhere!  Phoebe likes the feel of the tight shirt covered with water, and after being wrapped up tight in the hot plastic wrap, Phoebe welcomes the coolness that is making her nipples rock hard.  After just a few photos, Phoebe can't resist the temptation of flirting with her cameraperson and lifting up the shirt to reveal one of those big sexy breasts to show off just how hard her big sexy nipples have become!  The photos here in the preview area are cropped because Phoebe is just a bit shy about the preview photos out here in the open, but the photos in the member's area show just how sexy and sultry Phoebe's sexy eyes are as she flirts and teases a cameraman that she knows wants to be inside of her badly.  This is the first set of 2, so there will be more sexy pics of Phoebe coming soon to show what she was up to after taking off that wet t-shirt coming soon!

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