Sexy plump Precious takes a bat!
Added 110 photos of sexy plump Precious taking a bat! The photo set starts out with Precious handling a big double headed dildo with absolutely no problem whatsoever, and then she builds up to the point where she is able to take the bat!  It was asked before what kinds of things Precious has done with her boyfriends, and she brought up large toys right away.  She talked about how good it felt to be filled up to maximum capacity, and sometimes a boyfriend would even have to "give her a hand" now and then!  When the bat was presented to Precious, she simply said 'bring it on" and the rest is history!  Precious was taking the double headed dildo in this set, along with a big dildo with balls that was nicknamed "Jethro", and then she takes a butt plug, and a few fingers, and then extra lube is pulled out for the bat!  This bat sure does have a story!  Starting out over ten years ago, this bat has made it's way around!  It was an excellent photo shoot, and there is even some video of this too!  Some of the photos are taken by a guest photographer Candy, and while they aren't all perfect, they are all incredibly sexy!  Watch as Precious progresses through a couple of toys, each one getting a little larger than the last.  What Precious finally takes is a sight, but not one that the member's of this site haven't seen before!  Hey, how did that guy get in the previews?  Sometimes even a photographer has to take some credit! lol

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