Sexy mature Nina gets shaved, squirts, and does oral
Added 8:55 video clip of sexy mature Nina laying back to get shaved really thoroughly.  When Nina asked for help getting shaved, it was too tempting to pull out the cam and catch what was going on.  Nina starts out laying on her back, with her lover shaving her up carefully and thoroughly.  After a few moments, Nina picks up those big sexy thighs so that he can really get in there.  A few more moments go by, and Nina flips over on all fours so that her lover can catch a few hard to reach areas.  After Nina is all shaved up, her lover goes down between those thighs so he can stimulate her into squirting.  Nina gets off a few times, leaving her inner thighs wet and a nice sized spot on the bed.  When Nina runs out of juice, her lover continues to finger her sexy shaved slit while she performs oral.

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