Sexy Busty, Mature Cheri loves to do oral
Added 8:20 clip that features hot sexy mature Cheri doing one incredible oral tease with her lover.  Cheri has just started with her lover in this first clip from a new series.  Right from the beginning, Cheri seems confident that she might just be able to make her lover climax within just a few minutses.  Cheri's lover holds out though, because he can't wait to get his hands on the rest of her big sexy body and explore her inside and out!  Cheri is determined, but so is her lover.  Cheri really teases with that tongue and just a little teeth, but her lover just keeps taking it, looking down at Cheri's big belly and wanting to be slamming up against it while thrusting deep inside of her.  Cheri even tries to "milk" her lover at one point, seeing if she can get just a few drops of precious pre-cum if she can't get the whole load just yet.

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