Nina gets her lover to finally finish up!
Added 4:50 clip that features hot sexy mature Nina!  This lovely woman can only take the pounding for so long before she starts to encourage her lover to give it up.  Nina starts out laying back to allow her lover to grab her big sexy thighs and get a full view as he slides in and out of her.  Nina is moaning, almost grunting as her lover takes in the view and brings himself closer and closer to climax.  Every time Nina's lover gets too close, it starts to feel as if his climax is being pulled from him, almost beyond his own control.  Nina tempts her lover, licking her lips and looking up at him while he continues to struggle against his urge for release.  As Nina tempts him further, he finally gives in.  Nina's lover pulls away one last time before he shoots his hot jiz across Nina's swollen, fat belly.  Nina looks down, licking her lips, knowing how hard it was for her lover to hold back for so long becausee she could feel it as sure as she felt him inside of her.

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