sexy Scarlet smoks and then teases
Added 4:47 clip that features Scarlet, who hasn't been updated in quite a while!  This little clip was hidden at the end of the tape that the previous Cheri update was located on!  Silly freaking tape medium!  Now that the clip was set free from it's linear digital limitations, it can be featured here to show sexy Scarlet sitting on a couch smoking.  At least for the first 1:49 she's smoking!  Then she's leaning back on the couch with her sexy, full, round thighs spread open while she rubs her big round belly first and then plays with her shaved beaver!  This sexy woman is really just teasing and playing around, and it seems as if the moment when she really starts to get turned on for real, she's giving a signal to stop taping!  So, this clip is the first part of what will be 2 parts of Scarlet video.  This sexy woman will reappear soon, and this first half of her video was created at the same time that she took those sexy photos in the member's area.  It was quite a while back since those photos were put up, but now that this clip has been located it's being added to the member's area to show this big sexy woman in full video motion.

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