sexy Cheri takes a load to the face!
Added 6:35 clip that picks up where the previous Cheri clip left off.  Cheri is getting pounded hard while laying on the bed on her side.  Cheri's lover grabs one of those big breasts and holds on while sliding in and out of Cheri's incredibly hot and wet snatch!  After a while, the stimulation just gets to be too much, and Cheri has instructed her lover to maintain control of climax so that she can extract it from him orally!  Watch as Cheri does her oral magic and makes her lover explode all over her face as she hungrily laps up whatever her tongue can reach.  Cheri really loves to give oral, and it was a genuine struggle for Cheri's lover to maintain control through the sex so that he could feel Cheri's lips and tongue all over that pulsing shaft.

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