hot sexy Dianne rides hard!
Added 6:27 clip that shows sexy mature Dianne riding on top hard!  This sexy woman can cum so hard that she will push her lover out no matter how far in he has managed to go, but when the full weight of that big sexy ass is pushing so hard down onto her lover, there is no way that she will let that big cock out of there no matter how hard she slams shut with each contraction of her amazing, intense orgasm!  Dianne really knows how to enjoy a good fucking!  I believe that there are such rare, magical females out there, but I can totally acknowlege just how hard it is to find them!  It doesn't take long for a dude to figure out how much a chick gets into the whole sexual experience, and it is this webmaster's privilege to get to show how to distinguish those who can't wait for the dick from those who can barely tolerate it! 

Ok, that kind of talk is the reason that so many women and prudes are intimidated by porn in the first place!  Oh, and prostitution!  roflmao  The tone of these little update reminders has to change, I can't just blurt out a few details and talk about how "amazing" and "incredible" this was to create without giving up a serious reminder about the real inspiration for this work to exist at all!  I think that the "skinny lovers" out there can relate to asking some guy who "likes fat chicks" this one question.  "How do you fuck a chick that big?".  Or another version, "how do you fuck a fat chick?". 

Maybe I have "p.t.s.d." from being asked this inappropriate question so many times, but it was obvious and apparent to me over a decade ago that maybe, just maybe, I should really show people exactly, without special effects, how to fuck a fat chick.  Maybe the site should have been called how2fuckafatchick, but that is way, way too long!  lol  This question would come up from peer groups when I was much younger, but I still don't regret my early decision to go with what attracts me rather than push down the fat attraction because I'm "not supposed to find that sexy".  It's really tragic and ironic to me that people would push so hard at this time in our history against the inevitable affect of our vast jump in tech from the industrial age.  What's worse,  I have felt all along that there are an equal number of admirers to the number of fat women and men at any given time due to a phenomenon I have realized recently, "the balance".  This causes me great concern when I consider how many fat women are being surgically altered to appear smaller than they actually are.  This destroys the natural integrity of a fat woman's glorious, rounded, sexy, feminine body in the process.  This is causing a trend where each surgery is being replaced by a safer, less lethal one every ten years.  Each time the name changes, hundreds of thousands more people take this drastic and unusual step of body modification for the sake of behavior modification.  I will continue to attempt to prove, by mere existence, that fat admiration does exist.  It is normal just like any other physical preference, and in this author's humble opinion, it is actually more normal than many of the other preferences and habits out there.  I am so grateful in this day and age that I am attracted to what amounts to fat old women.  There are no such thing as "bad" natural breasts.  There is no such thing as an "ugly" belly.  There is no such thing as any body part being "too big".   Now, on to "how to fuck a fat chick"!!! roflmao  yes, i am insane ; )

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