mature sexy Cheri gets it hard just like she wants it!
Added 6:29 clip that shows big busty mature Cheri getting it hard and fast and telling her lover to keep it up!  Cheri was really getting off hard, pushing against her lover with her hands on the headboard and pushing against her lover as she squeezed down hard internally as well.  Cheri keeps telling her lover to "give it to me" because she wants to feel his cock pulse as he loses his load and swells up deep inside of her.  Cheri's lover is determined though, and he is so enthralled watching her big, soft, round belly shaking, jiggling, and bouncing up and down with each thrust of his pelvis.  While Cheri's lover is straining against the temptation to climax already from the feeling of being inside of his mature lover, Cheri is taunting him at the same time.  Cheri wants to make her lover climax so much that she is ready to cum from just knowing that she made her lover lose control.  Watch as this clip unfolds and another segment featuring big sexy Cheri is added to the member's area.  At least one more segment to come to conclude this series!

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