This is one sexy, sultry woman who is going to be writing more about herself here in the near future.  I'm going to skip the temp text and give some of my own perspectives on this incredible, sexy woman!  She is so very hot!  She's a party animal when she can get away with it (not driving) and she could put me under the table in a heart-beat!  When I've had the opportunity to know ahead of time I would get to work with this sexy, sultry woman, I would make sure not to party at all myself just so that I would be ready to catch all of the hot looks that she could throw at me without dropping out after the first 20 or 30 shots!  She is so very sexy at some point it has taken me almost that many pics just to get to the point where she's lost *all* the clothing!  But... There have been times she's kept some things on for a tantalizing amount of time, giving more than an ample show while still letting something cling to her soft, round, sexy body!  I have had the pleasure of going over these shots as I've already done a few updates on this model's section, and I have to say that her look is highly stimulating, and her passion comes right through in the work.  It has definitely been a pleasure and a priviledge to get to produce some of this excellent work, and to have made such a comfortable acquaintance in her so that she can bring this look through is amazing in itself.  I'm genuinely fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting and then photographing this sexy plus sized woman!  I've got several updates planned to add to the member's area in addition to what's listed above.

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