Sexy Nina Sweet  
Nina Sweet 
Age:  46
Weight: 265
Height: 5'6" 
Bra Size: 42 DD

Nina Sweet is a sweet, sexy woman who has an interest in exploring new sexual experiences and enjoying the realization that her look, from head to toe, is a visual turn-on to a lot of guys out there.  The idea of taking pics was not something that she would have thought of doing as little as six months ago. After getting online and seeing how popular the bbw interest is, she is understanding what draws admirers to her look, and wants to show off!  Those incredible eyes are the first thing about her look that grabs you, but upon seeing the sexy rounded parts of this woman's body you will want to see more and more. The way the upper, inner arms dimple in the same area that the upper, inner thighs do makes you want to see this woman slip out of the bra and panties as quickly as possible to reveal the intricate design of other, hidden parts of her sexy body.  The photo taken while Nina Sweet is on all fours shows off the sexy shape of her belly when it hangs down, and what the preview pics may not reveal at this point are her amazing nipples.  To see this woman slipping out of her lingerie has another stimulating aspect that some people seem very drawn to, as Nina Sweet has started out taking pics while freshly shaved.  She has indicated that she may quickly go back to all natural, because shaving is such a pain, but she wanted to show off her rounded sexy package clean-shaven at first.  When sexy Nina Sweet first emailed about modeling, I had only seen a photo that showed her face close up.  I was curious to see what shape she was, and surprised when she showed up in sexy tight black jeans that showed off the rounded shape of her outer thighs.  As she sat down the jeans would crease in the same spot where those sexy full inner thighs do, and I was excited that a woman with such sexy thighs had dropped by!

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