Age:  35
Weight: 500+
Height: 5'5" 
Bra Size: 50 FF


It was amazing to capture the look of this fine, sexy, SSBBW!  I have not had the opportunity to photograph a 500+ SSBBW for several years, but once I started taking photos of this big sexy woman I could hardly bring myself to stop!  The temptation to reach out and touch this hot SSBBW did arrive, and more photos and video of what happened at that time is featured at her own website, Lots2luv.com  I am so very fortunate to have found this SSBBW's yahoo group just months ahead of my big cross-country move.  Once arriving in the west I was just close enough to this amazing woman to invite her over to the studio and capture her intense shape in some awesome photos and video!  The 500+ SSBBW who wants to show off in photos is so elusive and rare, but I was lucky to find one who was not only willing, but who was searching for someone to help her realize her fantasy of having a website of her own.  Be sure to check out her site for many more photos and video of the very hot sexy pear shaped 500+ SSBBW Lots2luv!

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