Age... 36
Size... 230
Height...5ft 10in

Emily loves the attention she gets when she goes out to a local swinger club, and she could not wait for the opportunity to show off for the very first time on a website!  This sultry hour-glass plumper loves to strut her stuff in front of a group of horny guys, watching them looking up and down that incredible body before she has even started to do a sexy strip-tease for them.  This blue-eyed beauty will be looking at the reaction of her viewers as she slowly sheds the tight clothing she's wearing, and she gets wet as she sees the guys growing before her very eyes.  Once she's fully undressed, she'll swing those hips as she walks around the club, watching how the guys follow her every move with their hungry eyes.  When she goes into a room at the club, she likes to see just how many guys will follow her right in to see if they can get lucky with this soft sexy woman. 

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