Bubbles LeReux

Age... 40 +
Size... 350+
Height...5ft 2in
Bra size....coming soon

Bubbles LeReux is one very charismatic supersized bbw!  I'm grateful to have the opportunity to capture the look of this woman's face as well as her amazing pear shape.  I could argue that she actually has an hour-glass figure because she is so busty in addition to having such defined, round hips.  One look at her thighs would prompt me to stick with pear shaped simply because of the elegant and very sexy shape of her calves!  I am such a leg freak myself that just the sight of her in this skirt was enough to make me want to see more right away.  Once the initial photo shoot gets under way, I learn the very pleasant surprise that Bubbles has not worn any undergarments to prevent the marking of her delicate skin.  As the sweater and skirt begin to come off, one can see just how incredible Bubbles' shape is and how sultry her facial expressions are at the same time.  I'm so very fortunate to have been contacted by Bubbles, and I am adding her sexy pics to the site before I even have all the bio info!

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